Beyer Driveline has been delivering automotive excellence in the remanufacture of BMW and Mercedes Benz driveshafts since 1990. With precision equipment and skilled craftsmen, Beyer Driveline delivers driveshafts that meet manufacturer factory specs.

Beyer Motor Works specializes in the repair and maintenance of BMW, Mini Cooper and Volvo cars. Expert troubleshooting, factory trained technicians and a state of the art facility make Beyer Motor Works the best choice for care of your BMW, Mini Cooper or Volvo in Arizona.

Beyer Motor Works History

Beyer Motor Works was founded in 1986 by Wayne Beyer and Roy Larson to offer BMW customers independent personalized high quality maintenance and repair.   

Both Wayne and Roy were previously employed by Linda Brock BMW. Wayne was the BMW Shop Foreman and Master Technician. Roy was BMW Service Manager and BMW Quality Control Panel Member.

In 1987 Beyer Motor Works added Volvo Service since many of our BMW customers also owned Volvos.

In 1988 we became an authorized "Bosch Service Center". Bosch is a major system and component supplier for BMW and Volvo. Bosch manufactures fuel injection, starters, alternators, ignitions, anti-lock brakes plus other electrical components. Bosch Service Centers are only granted to shops with a high level investment in equipment and training.

In 1990 we developed Beyer Driveline which is a nationwide wholesale remanufacturer of BMW and Mercedes Benz drivelines.

In 1997 we relocated our facility from Mesa to Chandler, Arizona.

In 2000 we joined a new organization, the IAIBMWSP which is an international group of BMW service shops dedicated to the highest level of BMW service and repair. The IAIBMWSP has since evolved into the BIMRS organization which is renowned for its commitment to BMW training and exchange of technical information. Members are internet linked to provide an expanded wealth of knowledge and expertise that is not available elsewhere.

In 2000, Wayne Beyer retired and Roy Larson purchased Wayne's share of Beyer Motor Works, Inc.

In the Fall of 2003 we added Mini Cooper to our service line up. Mini Cooper is an exciting car and shares much of the technology of parent company BMW.